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Confessions, Creeds, and Standards
Pastoral Theology

Current Events

Five Reasons NOT to Go See The Passion of the Christ  by Andrew J. Webb

A Review and Critique of the Federal Vision/Auburn Avenue Theology  by Dr. Guy Prentiss Waters, Prof. of NT at Bellhaven College (MP3 Format) (MP3 format)

Spanish Language Resources

 Los Cinco Puntos de Calvinismo by John Calvin (translated by G. Rodriguez)

El Espiritu Santo by John Owen (translated by G. Rodriguez)

Confessions, Creeds, and Standards

Should we make Images of Jesus? compiled by Andrew J. Webb

A Short History of Creeds and Confessions by A. A. Hodge (1823-1886)

Thornwell on Subscription by James Henley Thornwell (1812-1862)

The Westminster Confession of Faith: A Theonomic Document? by Dr. Ligon Duncan

Why Do We Need Creeds? by Andrew J. Webb

Ecclesiology (The Theology of the Church)

Clowney's Interpretation of I Timothy 2:12 by Dr. Mark Herzer

Infant Baptism [Discourse One] by Samuel Miller (1769-1850)

Holy-Days by Samuel Miller (1769-1850)

Christmas Observance in Church by Samuel Miller (1769-1850)

Liturgies, Instrumental Music and Architecture by Rev. Thomas E. Peck, D.D., LL.D

Paul On Women Speaking in Church by B.B. Warfield (1851-1921)

Why Do Presbyterians Observe Holy Days?by Andrew J. Webb
Presbyterians did not originally observe Christmas and Easter. Why has this changed?

Why We Worship the Way We Do by Andrew J. Webb
A Brief Guide to Presbyterian Worship

Deciding Whether Your Child is Ready for the Lord's Supper by Andrew J. Webb

Pastoral Theology

On Devotion To The Work Of The Ministryby James W. Alexander (1804-1859)

The Cultivation of Personal Piety by James W. Alexander (1804-1859)


The Formation of the Canon of the New Testamentby B.B. Warfield (1851-1921)

Soteriology (The Theology of Salvation)

On Saving Faithby Andrew J. Webb

The Children in the Hands of the Arminians By Rev. B. B. WARFIELD, Originally published in vol. xvii of the Union Seminary Magazine, 1904

Is Baptism a Converting Ordinance? by Andrew J. Webb


Outline of the Covenant of Grace and Testimony to Sublapsarianism by James Henley Thornwell

On the Doctrine of Predestination By Rev. Thomas Chalmers, D.D. & LL.D. From Congregational Sermons: Vol. II, Sermon VIII.

Prayer: Degrees of Boldness By John Stevenson From Christ on the Cross, An Exposition of the Twenty-second Psalm by John Stevenson, London, 1844.

On Bread and Wineby Dr. Mark Herzer
What are the proper elements to be used in the Lord's Supper?

The Weak and the Strong by Professor John Murray
John Murray on Christian Liberty in Romans 14

The Miraculous Gifts of the Spirit - Continuation, Restoration or Cessation? by Andrew J. Webb

Prayer by Willhelmus A'Brakel

What is the Reformed Doctrine of Divorce? by Andrew J. Webb
An analysis of Biblical teaching on Divorce

The Miraculous Gifts of the Spirit by Andrew J. Webb
Continuation, Restoration or Cessation?

Should we make Images of Jesus? by Andrew J. Webb
The Relationship between the Second Commandment and Images of Christ


Inside the Unregenerate Mindby Andrew J. Webb
An Analysis and Critique of the Philosophy of Evolutionary Psychologist Steven Pinker

An Exceptional Misconception by Andrew J. Webb
The Development of the Roman Catholic Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception

Eschatology (The Study of the Final Things)

The Final Doom of Gog and Magog by Andrew J. Webb
The Fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 in Revelation 19-20